ALPYFY was founded though the passion of winter sports of four people. Dreams, thoughts and experiences was the start for ALPYFY. One of the founders, Nicola started his ski career at age two in the Italian alps. Willy, another co-founder also started his career at two, in the northern Swedish town of re. The final two co-founders, Mirco and Nelson have solid experience of what snow accessories are needed for normal to extreme skiing. Over the years, both Mirco and Nelson have explored various mountain ranges all over the world.

The combined qualities and experiences of all four created ALPYFY in 2019.

With over two years of product development and designing, we have now managed to produce our first limited launch of ski goggles. Many might wonder why the first lineup has taken us more than two years to launch… We were not only relying on our expertise but wanted input from other snow lovers between the ages of 10-80 to get a clear picture of what is being requested and desired of all ages. After various prototypes, we now have a product we are incredibly proud of. A product that is both environmental friendly and recyclable. Climate change is a very important part of our work and so is the development of materials. Quality is one of the basic recipes for ALPYFY. By quality we mean stability, flexibility and recyclable, these are the prerequisites for a sustainable product.

ALPYFY – We Know Snow