Complaints and right of withdrawal

Complaints and right of withdrawal

You as a customer check the arrival of the delivery to verify that it is correct and error-free. In the event of a complaint, the customer must contact Alpyfy’s customer service via e-mail: and state the order ID and reason for the complaint. Defective products returned to Alpyfy should be treated as if they were free from defects. In all types of returns, it is extremely important that the product must be packaged in such a way that it does not risk being damaged. For private consumers, the Consumer Purchase Act applies. Alpyfy reserves the right to replace defective goods with an equivalent in cases where identical goods are not available.


Private consumers have the right to cancel the purchase up to 90 days after picking up their package. According to the said law, the right of withdrawal only applies if the product and its original packaging can be returned in unchanged condition. Original packaging must be able to be used again. The product must be in such condition so it can be sold again. Alpyfy reserves the right to deduct the depreciation. It is important that shipping notes are not affixed to the original box.


If the consumer wants to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must contact us at Return shipping is paid for by the consumer.

Transport damage
If an item from Alpyfy is damaged in transport, regardless of whether the damage is visible or hidden, this must be reported immediately to the shipping company and to

Force majeure
Events such as war, natural disaster, industrial action, government decisions, non-delivery of subcontractors, costly circumstances and similar events beyond Alpyfy’s control, which could not be reasonably foreseen, shall be attributed to force majeure, which means that Alpyfy is released from its obligations to fulfill agreements.

Alpyfy reserves the right to change any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, and product offerings, without prior notice. In the event of a final sale at the stated price or due to that a sale item has expired, Alpyfy has the right to cancel the purchase and refund any amounts paid in the best way. Alpyfy will also notify the customer if a replacement or equivalent sales item is available.

If you have any questions, contact us at
F-tax approved , organization number 559264-7316.

Several shipments
Sometimes we may send your order in several packages and also as several shipments. This can mean that the packages arrive on different days/ times. We do not take financial responsibility for any delays depending on the shipping company. Deliveries are announced via SMS (primary) or e-mail (secondary). Packages remain with agents 14 days after notification.

Product deviation

There may be minor deviations in the colors you see on the computer screen as they do not always correspond to reality. It depends on how well your computer monitor is set up. There may also be minor deviations on products in centimeter. Products that are to be a certain size can differ a few centimeter up and down.

Damage to packages and uncollected packages

If you discover damage to the package, you must immediately report this to the carrier and make a claim. Do not pick up a damaged package! If you do not discover the damage until you have opened the package, and the damage is of such a nature that it can be attributed to the transport company’s handling, you must contact them and make a claim report. If any dispute with the transport company can not be resolved, please contact us.

For uncollected goods, a fee of SEK 200 per package will be charged. This also applies if your order is divided into several shipments. If your package has been returned but you still want your order, you can place a new order on our website.

Do not let your invoice fall due!

If you have an invoice from Klarna, it is important that you do not let it expire. You can either pause it in Klarna’s app or choose to pay it and then get a refund. We are not the ones who impose any late fees and we do not have the opportunity to withdraw them.