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Corvara plus package (OTG)

2,609.00kr 1,890.00kr

50 sek will be added if you choose two different color combinations


OTG – Also suitable for you who are wearing glasses!

Plus package Contains:

  • 1x Corvara ski goggles
  • 1x Magnetic mask – black or red
  • 1x Extra lens – black or yellow
  • 1x Protection for ski goggle
  • 1x Hardcase
  • 1x Mikrobag – silk
  • 1x fibercloth
  • 1x Black Alpyfy box


To endure the most extreme weather conditions, the frame on Corvara is manufactured with strong and flexible Thermo-Plastic Urethane (TPU). The frame is complimented by strong magnets taking your ski goggle experience to the next level. The foam around all frames consists of three layers to ensure extra comfort and a great fit.

For a better view in the slopes there is a ventilation system both (up and down) on the frames. This limits the risk of the ski goggles fogging up with the cold air outside combined with the heat you emit.


The elastic strap ensures to fit for all adult and certain children’s helmets. With three pieces of anti-slip silicone protection on the strap, you can be sure that the ski goggles remain on the helmet even if an accident may occur.

Magnetic mask

The magnetic mask is made of 100% polyester, a fast drying functional material that breathes while protecting from cold winds. Thanks to the strong magnets placed inside the mask, it is easily attachable to the frame guaranteeing it to stay in place. This way you can easily pull the mask up and down at any time on the slopes.


The design of the lens ensures full range visibility and does not obstruct your field of view in any way. Together with the high quality double lens it is easier to distingiush contours in the ski slopes, also protecting against snow blindness. (At the same time it takes care of you) with its 100% UVprotection. With its large (range) the light transmission increases, giving better clarity in foggy conditions.

Like the frame, the lens also contains magnets allowing you to easily and smoothly change the lens. Both with or without gloves. This way you can adjust the lens according to the terrain and your personal style.

The double lens is developed with an anti-fog coating on the inner lens. Combined with the ventilation system of the frame we create a fog-free experience offering you an optimal combination of light filtering, color balance and maximal contrast reproduction. The double lenses minimize the temperature barrier reducing condensation.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

73% Yellow lens

24% Red lens

6% Black lens

If you would like to know more about which lens is best suitable for your skiing experience, we recommend reading our lens guide.



Additional information

Color of the extra lens

Black, Yellow

Color of the strap

Red, Black, White

Color of the frame

Red, Black, White

Color of the magnetic mask

Black, Red