St Anton black lens


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High quality spheric double lens with strong magnets switchable in a matter of seconds, with or without gloves and without removing the googles. The magnets are located both on the frame and the lenses.

The double lens is developed with an anti-fog coating on the inner lens combined with good ventilation. A fog-free experience offering the optimal combination of light-filtering characteristics, color balance and maximum contrast reproduction.

The double lens helps to distinguish the contours of the ski slopes to avoid “snow blindness” and 100% protects against all UV rays. The large lens surface provides a full, wide field of view.

On sunny days there’s a need for a darker lens to optimize the light input. The light conditions need to be dimmed for a pleasant skiing experience. It reduces eye fatigue and provides true color vision while minimizing glare in bright light conditions and blocks the bright rays.

Suitable for:

  • Sunny days with a clear blue sky


Visible Light transmission (VLT)

CAT S4 – ☀️

6% CAT S4 – Black lens