Magnetic ski goggles

All our ski goggles have magnetic lenses. The magnets are built in to all lenses and frames. Making it fast and easy to change your blue lens to your yellow lens when it gets cloudy, or to the black lens when it is sunny. Ski goggles with changeable lenses tend to be complicated and usually takes a long time to change the lens, taking a lot of energy from you. We want this energy to be devoted to the slopes instead. That is why you will love our magnetic goggles. Modern, easy and nice

Skidglasögon modell av märket Alpyfy
Skidglasögon modell av märket Alpyfy

Three layers of extra soft foam

All our ski goggles have three layers of extra soft foam. This makes the ski goggles incredibly comfortable and soft. Our ski goggles will not chafe/scuff or be of disturbance during your ride.

Magnetic mask

The Corvara does not only have a magnetic lens but also comes with a magnetic mask. This mask can be used as a neck warmer, and when you want to pull it over your mouth it is easily attachable with the magnets on the goggles. The magnets on the frame and the mask makes it very simple. There is nothing worse than your neck warmer not covering your mouth if it is cold or when you have to attach it to your goggles for it to cover your mouth. Problem solved.


The warm air emitted by breath, sweat and skin goes up towards the ski goggles as it is of lighter weight and meets the cold air in front of the ski goggles. This causes the lens to condense. Our models have extremely good ventilation, both on the top and bottom of the frame. In addition, the lenses also have a surface treatment called ‘anti-fog’.


UV is something we are exposed to daily, nonetheless on the ski slopes. That is why our ski goggles have UV400 protection, protecting your eyes against the dangerous UV lights you are exposed to in the slopes. This is a must when choosing ski goggles.

Three-line anti slip

All our goggles are equipped with three lines of anti-slip. This makes the goggles fit tight on the helmet and helps them stay in place. You do not have to worry about the ski goggles falling off. We do not use one, not two, but three lines of anti-slip protection.

Interchangeable and adjustable straps

On St. Anton, Val Thorens and Corvara, it is possible to change the strap. This way you can design your own ski goggles the way you want them. White frame with a red strap? Black frame with blue a strap? You decide / It’s up to you! All our ski goggles have adjustable straps. This allows you to easily tighten your ski goggles if needed.

Full revo

All of our ski goggles have full revo. full revo is several layers of finely colored powder (paint), baked into a polycarbonated lens. By adding layer after layer, the color becomes rich and saturated. There may be up to 11 layers of full revo. After treatment, the lenses have a color, mirror effect and an increased resistance to possible scratches after which the lens provides excellent eye protection and improved contrasts. This makes it possible to highlight the contrasts and to better see shadows on the slope and avoid any bumps or holes.

Almost indestructible

Our ski goggles are made to last. The frame is made of the strong and flexible material called Thermo-Plastic Urethane (TPU). The lens is made of an unbreakable extremely strong material called polycarbonate. All to ensure that your new ski goggles will withstand the most extreme outdoor conditions.